Sell Patents


Who Buys Patents?

Patent licensing companies and operating companies are the most frequent buyers of patents. Licensing companies acquire patents so that they can either monetize the patents or develop a product around the patents. Operating companies acquire patents for a number of reasons – to protect a product; to improve their defensive posture; or to assert the patents against a competitor.

I would like to sell my patents – how can you help?

If you want to take the step toward selling patents, you can have the confidence that we will ensure you are put in touch with prospective, trustworthy, and interested buyers. We work with both operating and licensing companies to evaluate patents and assist them with monetization efforts. If you are not interested in selling but believe that a company is already using your patented invention there is also the option to license your patents 

How do I get paid?

Inventors and patent owners can be paid in a number of ways for a successful patent sale, such as a cash payment or a portion of future licensing revenue.

I am interested in selling my patents.
What do I do next?

We evaluate your patents and present you with a step-by-step approach for monetization.

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